• Paid Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
  • Pay Per Click
    • Google
    • Bing
  • Landing pages


  • Television Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Direct Mail

Marketing Strategy

  • Discover how the lead was acquired.
  • Our conversion model is very strong, taking into account the acquisition cost & buy cost.
  • We are constantly tracking and analyzing responses for the most efficient use of your marketing dollars.
  • We continuously use data to adjust media spend, placing more money on the platforms with greater return.


In-House Call Center

  • 24/7 Highly Trained and Bilingual Staffing
  • Access to advanced technology to help screen and qualify potential claimants based upon your firm’s custom criteria
  • Lead Tracking and Analytics – ensuring constant follow up until the potential claimant is reached.
  • SMS Messaging – assisting in reaching clients in addition to phone calls and emails.
  • Dead Lead Follow Up – contacting previously unreachable leads to determine qualification and retainability

Intake Specialists

  • Pre-Qualification Screening Process
  • Instant client engagement with proven industry conversion rates.
  • The majority of law firms fail based on their conversion/intake model, not based on their media strategy.
  • We help you identify the cases that you may want to pursue based criteria you determine for us for qualification purposes.
  • All data and information collected can be exported to your CRM.

Contract Processing

  • Retainer Agreements, HIPAA Authorization(s) and Intake Questionnaire
    • Digital & Paper Signature Process
    • Retainer Agreement Follow Up Process
      • Constant communication with the potential claimant until the Retainer Agreement is returned signed


Claim Forms, Settlement Questionnaires & Plaintiff Fact Sheets (PFS)

  • We help in collecting information, summarizing, presenting, and analyzing the PFS.
  • Our quality control measures ensure the highest level of accuracy and completion.
  • Our back-office team can handle extensive volume and workflows.
  • We have established protocols to handle non-responsive claimants and deficient data.
  • We provide responses to any deficiency notification that comes from the MDL with specified deadlines.
  • We utilize a secure online data gathering software to help manage PFS completion in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
    • The software utilized plays a crucial role in reducing the paperwork and allowing the claimants to complete the PFS on their end on their own time to help ensure accuracy of the data entered.
    • Our team then reviews each online completed PFS by the claimants and we will contact the claimants if any portion of the PFS is incomplete, blank, or incorrect.
    • We will also assist by getting the electronic or paper signature page executed.


For many law firms, the best results often can be achieved by co-counseling with an established mass torts law firm. You have to honestly evaluate whether or not you are operationally equipped for the additional long-term investment that is required for fully litigating hundreds or thousands of cases. If your firm does not want to litigate the mass tort cases, we can connect you with nationally-recognized litigating firms specializing in specific mass torts so you can maximize your return on investment.  This relationship will allow your firm to efficiently and effectively provide representation to your clients while utilizing additional resources, without straining your own.

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iBEX offers dozens of services, al a carte services, and more but the true value add is using our complete package, from media to retainer. iBEX will drive attention and qualified leads with our relentless digital and traditional marketing strategies. Funneling new, quality leads through our intake and qualification processes will save your firm hundreds of hours.

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