About Us

Discover the values and vision that define our organization.


Our commitment to quality and service

At IBEX, our top priority is to get our clients the highest quality and most efficient outcomes, based on data driven reporting and results.

Why Ibex?



  • 100% focused on Mass Tort and Class Action
  • Founders are highly respected and are subject matter experts
  • On-site mass tort attorneys provide constant training as requirements change


  • Proprietary technology that speeds intake, review, and claimant engagement
  • Perfect combination of both technology and human expertise
  • Data-driven decisions at the root of all Ibex’s offerings


  • Constantly improving client’s campaigns
  • Strong investment in employee well being and happiness
  • Ensures that expert knowledge is spread across organization

Leadership team.

IBEX was founded by veteran leaders in each segment of our business: intake, review and administration. Our clients and claimants are in good hands with IBEX.


Rick Schulte

Co-Chair & Principal Advisor

Richard W. Schulte has twenty-five years of experience in prosecuting mass tort and single event cases on behalf of thousands of injured individuals across the country. He has held dozens of leadership positions in complex consolidated litigations.  He is an entrepreneur at heart who has exemplified diverse leadership in the areas of banking, insurance, and legal marketing.


Jenn Robertson

Vice President


Bob Smith

Director of Media Relations

Bob spent 37 years in the broadcast business on the TV side. He served in a variety of senior management positions at TV stations in Wisconsin, Virginia and Illinois. Bob moved into a corporate role in 2002, first overseeing stations around the country, and then helped Gray Television grow from 18 markets to 113. He eventually became the Co-COO and then the COO from 2018-2023. Bob was inducted into the Wisconsin Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2018.