Who We Help

IBEX provides value to many groups involved in mass tort.


The clients we help

Our mass tort and class action focus goes beyond law firms and includes the critical groups throughout a litigation. Here are the most common types of clients we work with.

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Law Firms and Legal Teams

Whether you are a counsel for plaintiffs or defendants, IBEX can supercharge your operations in mass torts and class actions.

  • Plaintiff firms
  • Defense Firms
  • In-house legal teams
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Claims Administrators

Service providers for law firms need help during surges of work. IBEX can assist with timely, high-quality expertise.

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Court Appointed Neutrals

Our extensive experience and resources for reviewing and evaluating claims provide critical support for court appointed neutrals and special masters.

Our Experience in Mass Tort and Class Action

IBEX’s leadership has decades of experience in mass tort and class action, as attorneys, special masters, allocation neutrals and advisors. Our expertise can ensure you receive the highest quality services focused on your litigations and settlements.


Talcum Powder

Johnson & Johnson is facing numerous talcum powder cancer lawsuits after juries found the talc products cause ovarian cancer in women.


Hernia Mesh

Surgical hernia repairs are common, and more than one million hernia repairs are performed in the U.S. each year. Many of these surgical mesh devices fail or cause various issues.


Flint River Crisis

Thousands of lawsuits assert that residents of Flint and others who used or were exposed to Flint water suffered personal injury, property damage and / or economic loss as a result of contaminated water.


Camp Lejeune

Military service members were exposed to dangerous and toxic drinking water at the Camp Lejeune base resulting in thousands of claims for illnesses or cancer.


3M Earplugs

Thousands of lawsuits filed on behalf of members of military who claimed hearing loss or impairment on account of their use of Combat Arms Earplugs.



JUUL vaping devices are causing physical and mental health problems. The company was also purposefully advertising these dangerous devices to minors.