CaseFoundry™ provides the smartest case review and validation service by using the best combination of AI and legal expertise.


CaseFoundry™ by Ibex

From intake to resolution, when faced with a mountain of documents to review and tasks to complete, let IBEX's CaseFoundry system use the latest Al and human expertise to accelerate the review, extraction and validation of data from medical records and other proof documentation.


Collect Records

Receive medical records and/or other proof files from the claimant directly or the selected retrieval vendor. IBEX can manage this process entirely. 


Upload Documents to System

IBEX has partnered with Pattern Data, a leader in AI-based case data extraction and analytics to rapidly identify information critical to your litigation or settlement.


Run Analysis on Sample Batch

We start with a small amount of cases to train the software and our team. Then we review the results with you to ensure we’re on the right track.


Expand to all Cases

After we confirm the results of the sample meet your expectations, we start reviewing all the cases rapidly and accurately.


Deliver high quality results

Unlike traditional LPOs, we are here to help a case evolve from intake all the way through resolution. With CaseFoundry, our clients experience quality and efficiency when scaling a mountain of documents to review and tasks to complete.

On-Site Legal Expertise to Handle The Unexpected


When managing tasks related to mass torts and class actions, time is a precious commodity. Deadlines are short and the workload can be overwhelming for your firm to handle internally. CaseFoundry by IBEX not only uses the latest in technology, but also invests heavily in training. That is why IBEX has a team of onsite legal operations experts to handle any issues that arise from intake to resolution.

Features of CaseFoundry

CaseFoundry represents the latest in case review methodology, using the best in technology and legal expertise.

Tech-Enabled For Accuracy and Speed

CaseFoundry uses the latest AI-based document analytics powered by Pattern Data.

Mass Tort & Class Action Focus

We know that mass tort and class action litigations and settlments require special attention to react to quickly changing requirements.

Rapid Deployment & Updates

When case requirements change, you need a partner that can react quickly. CaseFoundry allows you to update data extraction filters instantly.

Real-time reporting on case status

Receive real-time reports on workflow. Know exactly what cases have outstanding requirements and what cases have advanced to the next stage.


Our team of mass tort experts and attorneys are constantly updating our case review team with the latest information on your litigation.