ClaimantConnect™ ensures the highest quality claimant communications and engagement through case intake, litigation & resolution.


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It is no secret that mass torts or class action litigations and settlements can take a considerable amount of time. Years can go by from the initial case intake to the finalization of a settlement. Ensuring claimants are informed and engaged throughout this period of time is our top priority. ClaimantConnect from IBEX provides premium communications services utilizing the golden rule: We treat them the way we would want to be treated if in their shoes.

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Mass tort, class action litigations and settlement programs are not only time-consuming, but the legal process and jargon can be intimidating from many claimants. We utilize multiple forms of media and channels to provide the latest information for claimants. Based on years of research and experience, IBEX can provide content to help your firm be the trusted voice during the entire process.

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ClaimantConnect uses multiple platforms to ensure claimants get the information then need, when they need it. We adjust our communication methods based on what we need to convey and how claimants are receptive to it (e.g. social media, phone, video, text messages). We can be a trusted voice to claimants throughout the lifecycle of the litigation and settlement process.

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We live by the golden rule when it comes to engaging with claimants: Treat them the way we would like to be treated. With ClaimantConnect, you can rest assured our team has received trauma-informed training to enable them to get pertinent information from claimants while showing sympathy and professionalism.


Our Approach To Claimant Communication

The ClaimantConnect team truly becomes an extension of your firm. We invest heavily in training our team to treat claimants with the respect they deserve. Our technology platform and delivery channels allow claimants to receive information they need when they need it.

Trauma Informed Training

At the point in time when claimants first reach out to their attorney, they are likely feeling their worst. They may be suffering from an unexpected injury or dealing with a loved one who has a life-threatening disease. They are looking to find answers and find ways to get relief. This is why IBEX's ClaimantConnect team receives extensive and continuous trauma informed training to ensure claimants are treated with sympathy and respect.

Trauma-informed interviewing techniques

Our team is trained to interview the claimant to ensure we receive the details of the situation without causing more trauma.

Neuroscience based approach to communication

Research shows that trauma affects the brain’s ability for remember critical information. This knowledge helps our team understand the claimant’s state of mind.

Customized approach based on trauma type

Whether the trauma is acute, chronic, or complex, our team can adjust their communication styles to the kind of trauma the claimant is facing at the time.